To be the most preferred retail brand and the leading food retailer of Turkey and to continue creating value for our investors.


To offer our customers the most convenient shopping experience through our differentiated business model, high-quality product variety, affordable prices, and advanced service concept and to be the first choice of our business partners and employees.

ŞOK Marketler serves its customers with a larger operational network by increasing its number of stores.





New Store

Openings in 2019

TL 16.1 billion



Nearly 30 thousand employees, 27 distribution centers and 7,215 stores across 81 provinces of Turkey, we ensure that our customers can access almost all their basic necessities in a “one-stop shop” concept at a sales point closest to their home.

Net Sales (TL Million)

ŞOK Marketler announced net sales of TL 16.1 billion in 2019 by consistently increasing its business volume.

EBITDA (TL Million)

ŞOK Marketler announced an EBITDA of TL 810.1 million with a 28.6% YoY increase, having maintained sustainable profitability in the 2019 activity period as well.

The principle reason that ŞOK Marketler is the fastest-growing retail chain in Turkey is our consumer-oriented business approach.

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The ŞOK Marketler has become a large family with approximately 30,000 employees.

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Hair becomes even glossier with the vibrant shades of Hope hair dye products. Dermatologically tested, Hope also protects and strengthens hair.

Founded in 1976, Mis Süt was one of Turkey’s first modern dairy plants, and remains one of our most popular and preferred nostalgic brands.

Mon Amour, preferred by women in the cosmetics category due to its attractive colors, is offered in ŞOK Marketler. Featuring a rich product range that includes lipsticks, blushes, mascaras and BB cream, Mon Amour is available at affordable prices.

One of Turkey’s oldest and most recognized brands, Piyale was established in 1922.

The Mintax brand, operating since 1983, is the leading name in the cleaning products category of ŞOK Marketler.

Bebeland, the new brand in the ŞOK Marketler family, meets all the needs of infants. Dermatologically tested, these healthy and quality baby products are offered for sale at attractive prices.

As Turkey’s most well-known peanut brand, Amigo was among the country’s first packed nut producers.

Featuring a broad range of chocolate products, including madlen chocolates, biscuits and chocolate-coated wafers, Karmen products are available only at ŞOK Marketler.

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