Related Party Transactions Policy

The Company and the Board of Directors aim to perform all related party transactions in accordance with the Turkish Capital Market Legislation, Tax Legislation, and other relevant legislation. The Board of Directors is responsible for the implementation of this Policy, as well as the complete enforcement and monitoring of all guidelines and procedures prepared as part of it. Non-continuous related party transactions exceeding 1.0% of the gross profit of the preceding year’s income statement are subject to approval by the Board of Directors. Performance of non-continuous related party transactions requires the approval of the majority of the Independent Board members. If two Independent Board Members are present in the Board of Directors, the approval thereof must be obtained in order to perform the relevant non-continuous related party transaction. If the approval of the majority of Independent Board Members cannot be obtained, the General Assembly must approve the non-continuous related party transaction.

There is no materiality threshold for continuous related party transactions and the Board of Directors adopts a framework resolution for all continuous related party transactions.

At its quarterly meeting following the announcement of the relevant quarterly financial results, the Audit Committee shall review the related party transactions conducted in the relevant quarter under annual authorization (in light of the framework Board resolution) of the relevant continuous related party transactions.

The Board of Directors’ resolutions pertaining to related party transactions are treated as “insider information” and disclosed in accordance with the applicable requirements of capital market regulations.

Additionally, following the annual review of related party transactions, the Audit Committee shall submit a report to the Board of Directors that is subsequently incorporated into the Company’s Annual Report.