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Our Stores Our Stores
  Number of ŞOK Stores Net Store Openings
2013 2,043 199
2014 2,301 258
2015 3,000 699
2016 4,000 1,000
2017 5,100 1,100
2018 6,364 1,000
2019 7,215 851
2020 8,145 930
2021 9,247 1,102

ŞOK Marketler provides service in two different store types, namely ŞOK and ŞOK Mini. With pioneering steps thanks to its sustainable financial and operational achievements and pursuing the goal of continuous development, ŞOK Marketler opened 1,102 new stores in 2021, increased the number of stores to 9,247, and expanded its workforce to over 39 thousand employees.

ŞOK Marketler manages supply processes for its stores across 81 provinces of Turkey through 31 warehouses while aiming to create value for Turkey’s economy and its customers, and maintain growth in the coming period.

The ŞOK logo, in bright yellow and red colors, is prominently displayed on the stores’ exteriors, ensuring that the signs are quickly recognized and draw attention.

The stores’ standard shelf display plan makes it easier to determine inventory needs and stock turnover, raising efficiency in terms of staff volume and in-store audits.

ŞOK Marketler aims to offer a convenient and easy shopping experience. Therefore, the conveniently-lit stores with lower shelves continue to allow customers to do secure shopping during 2021 when the pandemic continued, thanks to the measures taken for the health of employees and customers alike.

Blazing a trail in Turkey’s food retail sector, ŞOK Marketler combines the best features of supermarkets and discounters. With a focus on sustainable growth based on a unique business model, ŞOK Marketler pursues an “Everyday low price” policy and offers an attractive store environment that encourages customers to shop. Today, ŞOK is positioned as a brand that helps customers to meet all their essential needs from the nearest point at affordable prices.

While the communication concept facing the consumer is “ŞOK is Quality and ŞOK is Cheap,” exclusive brands of ŞOK Marketler are displayed in bright yellow boxes in special designs that can be noticed easily. Yellow boxes make it easy to recognize the brands and allow the motto “Everyday low price” to be quickly noticed. An exclusive brand of ŞOK Marketler is displayed alongside an equivalent domestic-branded product, with the price tag of each one indicating the unit price per product. This is how consumers compare the Company’s exclusive brands with the leading national brands in line with the pricing policy.

ŞOK Marketler has a wide selection of approximately 1,800 products in food and non-food categories. ŞOK Marketler pays attention to expanding its product range and providing alternatives to customers to address consumer needs. Well-known nostalgic brands such as Mis, Piyale, Mintax, Amigo, and Evin are only available at ŞOK Stores and these exclusive brands now include over 100 new own products.

ŞOK Marketler’s portfolio also includes food products like fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as non-food products such as kitchenware, cleaners, paper products, and clothing in various categories. Aiming to continuously enrich its product portfolio, ŞOK Marketler established a structure where fruits and vegetables are brought directly from the farmer to the consumer. Contracted agricultural practices under “Fair Agriculture Movement” involve exclusive cultivation for ŞOK Marketler, which in turn allows the Company to offer products at affordable prices.