Message from the Chairman


Cengiz Solakoğlu

Esteemed Shareholders, Business Partners and Employees,

The year 2021, just like 2020, where the negative impact of the pandemic on the economy continued, was a year where companies in our country, just like other countries, had to review and revise their business processes. One of the most striking features of this period has been, undoubtedly, the acceleration of digital transformation and its changing of consumption trends. Therefore, we witnessed products and services models of many companies, which were reshaped according to the needs and priorities of consumers due to the pandemic. The winners of this period were, with no doubt, companies which were able to adapt to this change and transformation of nearly two years.

As ŞOK Marketler, we can easily say that we have passed the test with flying colors. Thanks to our robust steps taken for digitalization and our investments, we were able to successfully overcome these challenging times. Combining our technological infrastructure with our corporate sustainability principle, we adapted rapidly and easily to this new period. Developing the shopping experience with innovative and digital solutions, we enabled our customers to experience this type of shopping for the first time and adapt easily to this new system. Thanks to our “Cepte ŞOK” app, our customers were able to meet their daily needs with security and ease without leaving their home. Reaching our customers through every channel and with the payment options offered, we were able to make a difference.

In 2022, we aim to improve the steps taken towards digitalization and continue our growth achieved in 2021. We will continue to develop our services in digital and to work to respond quickly to the changing needs of our customers.

Aiming to provide support to our farmers within the scope of our project “Fair Agriculture from Farm to Table” and to provide products at most affordable prices to our customers, our collaborations will continue.

In 2021, we made about TL 800 million investments to achieve these targets, and we plan to continue our investments at the same rate in 2022.

We contribute to the economy of our country through the employment we create, investments we make, and through a giant ecosystem consisting of supply, production, and logistics; and to the economy of our customers through quality products at affordable prices. We will continue to work to these ends by aiming always the better.

With our network of stores in 81 provinces of Turkey we contribute to the social and economic development of our country. We open around 1,000 stores each year. And this means that we are enhancing our family by providing new employments to around 5 thousand persons. There are not many companies which can provide such a high employment each year and we are proud of that, which differentiates us from our competitors. Our employees of more than 39 thousand constitute the greatest value of our Company. Half of our employees are female and this is a part of our business model that contributes to social equality. Believing in the added value created by our female workforce in our employment policy, we will continue on the same path in 2022.

Along with our sustainability culture, we run our operations in line with the vision of becoming Turkey’s most preferred food retailer. Feeling the power of our customers, suppliers, shareholders, and employees, in short of the whole ecosystem, we walk into the future with confidence with our original format and value we add to the Turkish economy.

I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to our shareholders for redoubling our power, to our business partners for sharing our common vision and goals, and to our valuable employees and our customers for their appreciation of our efforts.

Yours sincerely,

Cengiz Solakoğlu

ŞOK Marketler Tic. A.Ş.

Chairman of the Board of Directors