Donation Policy

Donations and aids may be made to universities, educational institutions, foundations, associations established for public benefit or other similar persons or institutions, provided the shareholders of ŞOK Marketler Ticaret A.Ş., are informed thereof during the Ordinary General Assembly, subject to the principles determined by the Law, CMB Communique on Dividends (II-19.1) and the Turkish Commercial Code, as well as other principles specified in the relevant Capital Market Regulations.

All donations and aids are to be made in line with the Company’s vision, mission, policies, ethical principles and values, and annual budget appropriations. Donations and aids may be in kind and in cash. Donations that were made within the relevant financial year are added to the Company’s distributable profit assessment.

The upper limit of donations and aids was determined as 0.2% (two per thousand) of the net sales amount disclosed in the latest annual financial statements. The General Assembly is authorized to change this limit. Under a separate agenda item, shareholders are informed at the General Assembly of the amount of donations and aids made in the relevant period and their beneficiaries.