Cepte ŞOK

The number of orders of Cepte ŞOK continues to increase.

ŞOK Marketler delivers on the same day, at the preferred time, from among its store network across Turkey with Cepte ŞOK application.

As of March 2020, when Turkey’s first COVID case was confirmed, ŞOK Marketler increased its measures to protect public health. Within this scope, ŞOK Marketler continued its operations in line with its mission of providing uninterrupted service and launched the “Cepte ŞOK Home Delivery” app. The application, which was implemented considering the needs of many people who lived alone, were not permitted to go out and were therefore unable to shop during the pandemic period, became increasingly widespread and a fast and safe shopping option for all ŞOK customers. The number of orders of “Cepte ŞOK” continued increasingly in 2022 as well, and customers were provided with a home delivery, uninterrupted and secure service.

In addition to “click and collect,” which allowed customers to pick up orders from the store at any time, “home delivery” was introduced on the Cepte ŞOK app during the pandemic. Customers’ ordered products are delivered free of charge on the same day and at the same prices charged in the stores, while payments can be made online or with cash/credit card at the time of delivery. Customers can also pick up their orders, delivered on the same day at their preferred time, from among its store network across Turkey.

ŞOK Marketler continues to invest and provide employment with the goal of offering affordable and quality products to its customers in 81 provinces of Turkey.

By delivering from its existing stores and warehouses, ŞOK Marketler both optimizes operational costs and effectively manages personnel expenses. The aim is to offer a convenient and easy customer experience through different channels. With the loyalty program ŞOK Cüzdan and Yıldız, which is included in the “Cepte ŞOK” app, customer numbers increased, and through operational perfection the customer experience also increased.

All products available in ŞOK Marketler stores are also available on the Cepte ŞOK app – from dairy products, deli, breakfast, and cooking ingredients to personal care, home, and life categories. Consumers using Cepte ŞOK can easily and quickly access the broad and affordable product range, as well as ŞOK Marketler’s private label products like Mis, Piyale, Evin, and Mintax, at the same prices offered in ŞOK Stores. All products are offered at the same prices as ŞOK Stores. Also, customers can see the most recent campaigns of stores under the “Advantages of the Week” and “Campaigns” sections.

Number of customers, orders, and total number of users of the Cepte ŞOK app, which increased the brand awareness, increased to satisfying levels, in 2022. In 2022, the revenue of Cepte ŞOK, which can be used through the app, website, and phone channels in 81 provinces, increased rapidly. Considered the locomotive of growth in the future, Cepte ŞOK will grow in 2023 as well, within the aims determined.

Cepte ŞOK